• Tom Genes

Arts Community Joins Local Retail

In the face of adversity let us unify and align. Human beings crave meaningful connection. Our community events and spaces are where we come together to share our stories, journeys and life-affirming experiences. ART illustrates this existence, allowing us to be moved both intellectually and emotionally.

Colorado’s creative industries represented 5% of the state’s overall jobs in 2019. The Music, Theater, Dance, and Visual Arts cluster is by far the largest in terms of employment representing 34% of overall creative industries- almost 65,000 jobs dedicated to the creation, management, and promotion of art. (The Colorado Creative Industries 2020 Report)

These industries, along with the culinary arts, have been some of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic, however, YOU can make a difference by giving your money locally during this holiday season. Let the light of resiliency shine on the arts while we recover together.

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