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Aspen Golf Passes On Sale in March

The City of Aspen Golf Club will begin selling its season passes on Monday, March 1. Those who are interested in purchasing a pass are encouraged to buy early as this year’s sale features a limited number of passes available for purchase for each category. Early bird pricing will be in effect from March 1 through March 31 for select passes. Starting April 1, regular pricing will be in effect and all passes will be available until they are sold out.

“The combination of more visitors and locals playing at our golf course in general, coupled with the surge of outdoor activities due to the pandemic drew record number of players to the Club last year,” said Steve Aitken, director of Golf for the City of Aspen. “The amount of usage for each pass that we sold last year was up over 30 percent on average over the last couple of years. And the overall number of rounds played in 2020 reached 36,000 rounds where in past years that average was about 28,000 rounds. It represents immense growth. Therefore, in order to maintain the best experience possible for every player, we are putting a cap on each type of pass available in order to provide enough tee times for our players and keep play exceptional for all course users, whether they are just here for the day or play every day with their passes.”

The cap on each golf pass type is based on an analysis of 2020 play and golf pass usage.

Another notable change in 2021 is a newly designed website for www.aspengolf.com. There is a new look, new features, and a new Tee Time booking system. The new booking system allows members to easily create an account, book a tee time, and manage their tee times online.

Other notable changes to the golf pass structure include advanced booking privileges according to pass type, reserved times specifically for golf pass holders, and a quick access link to the tee sheet from the home screen of aspengolf.com.

Passes can be purchased at www.aspengolf.com.

Passholder benefits include discounted range balls, golf carts, guest greens fee, and more.

The types of passes include:

Platinum Pass: Book 14 days in advance, unlimited golf, carts, and range balls

$2,100 early or regular pricing

Gold Pass: Book 12 days in advanced, unlimited golf

$1,299 – early pricing; $1,399 regular pricing

Silver Pass- Book 10 days in advance, unlimited golf in the shoulder season restricted to before 8 a.m. and after 1 p.m. during high season

$889 – early or regular pricing

Twilight Pass: Book 7 days in advance, play after 3 p.m. daily

$589 – early pricing or regular pricing

Junior: Book 7 days in advance


20 Punch: Book 10 days in advance

$689 – early pricing or regular pricing

More at www.aspengolf.com.

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