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Eagle County, Pitkin and Garfield all enter Phase 2

Though the opening of Roaring Fork business community takes a slightly different look in each town across the valley, the good news is everyone is moving in the right direction. Called the Blue Phase, the new variances for businesses effect all types of retail including restaurants, bars, gyms, fitness centers, houses of worship and outdoor recreation centers.

In Eagle county a public health order Supersedes the Standing Public Health Order for Phase I of the Eagle County Plan for Sustaining Social Distance dated April 27, 2020, as amended.

Sets forth Phase 2 (“Blue Square” of the Transition Trail Map) of Eagle County’s protocol to further lift restrictions of previous health orders, provide updated limits on social distancing, gatherings, and businesses and facilities that may remain open, all in order to continue slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A complete road map to Eagle county can be found here:


In Garfield county, five of six business variances were approved for partial reopening with new policies. Only large tourist attractions like Glenwood Caverns Adventure park will have to wait until a new government order on June 1.

In Pitkin county health officials also received

variance to move to phase 2.

Phase two outlines as follows:

— Group sizes up to 50 people;

— Restaurants can open for in-dining with tables of 6 and at least 8 feet apart (applies to outdoor dining as well);

— Lodging can open at 50% of capacity

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