• Tom Genes

Mobile Lab To Test For Antibodies

A mobile lab, perhaps the first in Colorado, is being stood up to perform COVID-19 testing in Pitkin County, incident commanders announced Tuesday. The mobile lab is using the Pitkin County incident command trailer, which is being modified for this use. “We are pushing the envelope to meet the needs of our community,” said Gabe Muething, part of the unified command team of the Pitkin County incident management team. Muething said he understood that there is a desire for testing from the community. “We are taking a measured approach getting testing out,” he said. “We want to be sure we are doing it right. Not all community attempts at testing have been successful and we are committed to carefully rolling out our testing program.” Muething said there are few steps to be sorted out before testing will begin, but by the end of the week the IMT hopes to have the process designed and tested. “It’s important to get this right because #1, tests are scarce; #2, unlike many communities, we have some and #3, we are willing to try this new system to help our community move forward in our battle with this virus.” The tests, purchased last week from Aytu Bioscience, are currently being tested and verified through a joint effort with Aspen Valley Hospital to prepare for the public testing rollout.

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