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CoronaFREE Radio Time 

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis in the Roaring Fork Valley, KSNO FM radio will be offering free radio announcements to businesses that remain open or those that just wish to communicate with their customers.


Simply record an mp3 file of 60 seconds or less and email to


Please keep your message simple and list details of the services you are providing during the crisis. Examples are Carry Out only, new store hours, online purchases and/or delivery policies. Please be sure to introduce yourself, business name and location if deemed necessary.


KSNO will randomly run these announcements in general programming Monday thru Sunday 6:00 am - 11:00 pm.  Individual businesses will not receive any invoice nor detail of message clearance times.


This is a service provided to the local business community of the Roaring Fork Valley.

You can Record an mp3 on your phone, computer or at this website

then download and email to

Questions or wish to be contacted in person?

Thanks for submitting!

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